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We love Nepal and love what life amongst Nepalis looks like. We are proudly transparent in our production processes and want to emphasize our roots in Nepal. After all, this has been home for DINADI since the start and the hope to bring lasting impact in Nepal has been a big driving force since the very beginning in 2016.

Nepal is characterized by it’s beautiful and welcoming people, it’s high mountain peaks, busy Kathmandu and a rich culture that in many aspects remains completely untouched. Squeezed in between China and India, Nepal inherits such variety in culture despite its humble size. With at least 123 different ethnic groups you will find just as many different languages, internal cultures and traditions, architecture, and general craftsmanship. Diverse Nepal is everything from quiet mountain villages to the bustling inner city and its polluted skies. Somehow in the midst of diversity, we find ourselves repeating “that is so typical Nepali”. Some characteristics are unmistakable. At the top of the list is the hospitable Nepali nature. Across Nepal when you meet a Nepali you can be sure to be greeted with a “Namaste” and followed by an invitation into a family’s home for a meal of their national dish; Daal Bhat.


The reason that we chose to start DINADI in Nepal is two fold. First, we love the people of Nepal. But secondly we saw issues that were holding Nepal back, most of which are rooted in poverty. We saw how poverty in Nepal creates a breeding ground for exploitation, and we have become passionate about bringing changes to those issues through employment opportunities.


Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, leaving many people vulnerable to exploitation.

Second poorest country in Asia, 17th poorest in the world
of Nepalis living below the poverty line
unemployment rate in Nepal…


Every year alarming numbers of Nepali girls are trafficked to brothels in India where they are sexually exploited and forced into involuntary servitude.

Nepali girls trafficked each year (est.)
Nepali girls working in brothels in India (est.)
Average age of trafficking victims in Nepal


Many children in Nepal, especially girls, are deprived of even the most basic form of education, usually due to lack of family finances.

Literacy rate male
Literacy rate female
Average age children stop going to school

Nepalis abroad

Due to a lack of opportunities in Nepal, unskilled workers leave the country in masses searching for work. They often find themselves in situations where they are exploited and taken advantage of.

GDP sent to Nepal from nepalese working abroad
Leave for foreign employment every day
Migrant workers classified as “unskilled”
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